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The future of fire safety is here

Invest in your property by installing Ontario Building Code compliant residential fire shutters from the only fully integrated provider in the Nation's capital.

Residential Fire Shutter installed

A little about us...

As Ottawa's premier residential fire shutter provider, we offer top quality Ontario Building & Fire Code compliant fire shutters for landlords, builders and homeowners alike. Modernizing your residential fire safety has never been easier.

What are fire shutters?

Residential fire shutters provide an added layer of protection in a fire by reducing spread and maintaining clear escapes. Triggered by heat, they will automatically close to block the fire burning through openings.

roller fire shutter installation
venetian fire shutter installed

Fire safety in three steps

Step 1
Provide measurements or schedule a visit so that we can take measurements to provide you with a free quote.
Step 2
Review our product brochure to customize your fire shutters before placing an order.
Step 3
We'll be in touch as soon as they are ready to schedule a time, then only a few hours for our install.'s really that simple

Explore our solutions

Consumer-grade option for smaller openings with a max fire rating of 45 minutes. Easier installation, servicing and reduced visual obstruction.


A robust commercial-grade product designed for any openings, available with the highest possible fire ratings.


Designed for various applications...


Retrofit an existing one of your rental properties to bring it up to current fire code, reduce your liability and increase safety.


Make sure that you meet current building code and ensure that there are no delays in getting your occupancy.


Protect your family, your home and your memories by installing shutters to reduce the spread of a possible fire.

Unlock savings by bundling a service package

Landlords and property owners are responsible for annual servicing - and that's exactly what we offer. Annual service packages are available at the time of purchase & you'll save 25% on service fees.


See what our customers are saying...


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"Beautiful shutters that perfectly blend in. Guys were polite and service was quick. 5/5 - would highly recommend."

Ian Hardy
Six fire shutters installed on multi-unit in Centretown

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