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Frequently Asked Questions

What are fire shutters and what is their purpose? 

Fire shutters are specially engineered barriers that serve a critical role in fire safety. Ruggedly designed, these specialized shutters effectively manage the spread of fire and smoke through windows or doorways. By acting as a barrier, they not only impede the passage of flames but also play a crucial role in cutting off the fire's oxygen supply, helping to contain and minimize the fire's impact on surrounding areas.

Where should I install them?

Strategic placement of fire shutters is essential to maximize their effectiveness. Industry experts and Building Code recommends installing fire shutters near points of egress to prevent the transfer of fire and provide a clear pathway for safe evacuation. Furthermore, it is advisable to install fire shutters in areas prone to fire hazards, such as mechanical rooms or kitchens, where the risk of fire is higher.

How do they work?

Our residential fire shutters are designed to function similarly to traditional commercial-style roller shutters while offering customization options and installation flexibility. Our roller fire shutter comes in various operations, including push, crank or motorized. Triggered through a fusible link or integration with your fire alarm system, the shutters will automatically shut at a preset speed thereby impeding fire and smoke.

It seems quite expensive for an unlikely fire?

Although fires may be infrequent, prioritizing preventive measures ensures you minimize liability and provide the utmost protection for your properties and occupants. To make your fire safety journey even more convenient, we offer flexible financing options, easing any financial burdens and enabling you to implement necessary fire safety measures without delay. Choose peace of mind by taking proactive steps today.

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