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The Roller Shutter

A robust commercial-grade product designed for any openings, available with the highest possible fire ratings.


Residential fire shutters provide an added layer of protection in a fire by mitigating the spread of fire and maintaining clear exits and passages. Triggered by heat, they will automatically shut close to impede fire burning through openings.

roller fire shutter installed
Roller fire shutter

How do they work?

The roller fire shutter is activated by metal fusible link installed in the interior of the building. At the onset of a fire, the melting of the fusible link will trigger the closure of the fire shutter and drop the metal sheets within the frame of the window to block the opening.


1.5 hour minimum fire resistance

Built to withstand up to 4 hours of direct heat depending on your needs.


Building Code compliant

Designed according to fire code regulations and compliant with building code.


Multiple operation options

Available in push, crank or motorized operation for various applications.


Durable for Canadian winters

Designed, built and tested the survive the most extreme Canadian weather.

Quality boxes designed to operate and withstand intense heat and fire.

Can be installed both inside or out. Max opening dimensions of 13' wide x 9' high

Roller fire shutter

Fusible connection that releases the shutter once temperatures reach 160°C.

Rugged 2" flat slats in 22 ga. steel designed to survive up to 4-hours of direct flame


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