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The Venetian Shutter

Consumer-grade options for smaller openings with a max fire rating of 45 minutes. Easier installation, servicing and reduced visual obstruction

What are Venetians?

Our venetian shutters offer the least intrusive solution to your fire shutter needs. Designed primarily for residential applications, they are comprised of a steel frame consisting of metal slats running the width of the shutter. These slats are held up by a fusible link that triggers at a specific temperature, releasing the slats and sealing the opening.


How they work

These shutters are typically installed within the exterior portion of the existing window frame, and are held up via a fusible link. This link will melt once temperature reach approximately 75°C, initiating the closure of the shutter and sealing the opening, impeding the progress of fire and smoke.



• Manufactured in Canada

• Aesthetically pleasing design minimizes visual disruption

• Simple yet robust construction requires minimal maintenance and provides worry-free service for years to come

• Compliant with Ontario Building & Fire Code and approved for installation by local fire departments

• Max fire rating 45 mins

• Max opening dimensions of 42" wide x 60" high


45 min fire rating

Built to withstand between 90 minutes to 3 hours of direct heat to meet your needs.


Building Code compliant

Designed according to fire code regulations and compliant with building code


Aesthetic design

Pleasing design reduces visual disruption while minimizing maintenance


Simplified install

Smaller packaging allows for easier installation. Max opening dimensions of 42" wide x 60" high.
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Let's get started

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