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Safety above everything

Find out why homeowners are opting to install residential fire shutters to protect their families.

Why install fire shutters?

As a developer, fire safety is a top priority. Your reputation and product can easily be compromised when proper fire protection measures aren't implemented. Don't leave that up to chance. Offering improved fire safety to homeowners can be a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition.
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Some Frequently Asked Questions...

What are fire shutters and what do they do?

Fire shutters are specialized window coverings designed to provide fire protection. They do so by preventing the spread of fire & smoke through windows by cutting off the fire's oxygen supply.

Where should I install them?

Experts recommend installing them near any exits to hinder the spread of fire or smoke and minimize impediment during an emergency. Additionally, it's highly recommended to install them in and around areas that are at a higher risk of fire incidents such as mechanical rooms or kitchens.

How do they work?

Residential fire shutters work similarly to traditional commercial roller shutters. They contain a fusible link that is activated once a specific temperature is reached. This fusible link triggers the closure of the fire shutter, impeding the spread of the fire through openings and facilitating the safe escape of building occupants during an emergency.

It seems like an expensive investment to prevent a possible fire?

While fires may be a rare occurrence, it's always best to be proactive rather than reactive. Investing in your building’s fire safety will not only give you and your occupants peace of mind, but also drastically reduce your potential future liabilities should an emergency happen.

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